The Frankendrum Project

My youngest son is 11. He is taking percussion classes in Birmingham with an organization called Birmingham Scrollworks.  Drums are expensive. I am resourceful!

I’ve decided that rather than taking the money from our savings account to buy a drum set, I will slowly piece some together from pieces we pick up in the thrift store. We call these our Frankendrums.

(I really want to add “And this is their story” right here…)

Recently, I headed out to the Roebuck area to hit up some thrift stores in search of drums (and, at times, random things that make great gifts for the boys). The thrift store scene in that area is pretty good, from Roebuck Parkway to Pinson, there are 5 big shops. I didn’t have great luck at United, but when I went to America’s Thrift, I found these.


I’m not a pro, but I was a percussionist in the high school band and I thought these looked pretty good. I snapped a pic, then fired off a text to our Drum Wizard and asked him his opinion. The small toms, I wasn’t sure about because there’s no bass with hardware for them to sit on and I wasn’t sure if hardware is universal. If so, chances are, I’ll find a bass with missing toms sometime and can attach them.  After a bit, he texted me back that they looked pretty good and that ten bucks was a fine price for the floor tom, for sure. I loaded them into my basket and went up front and paid.

As I exited the store, these two ladies came charging out of the wig shop next door, making a ruckus and chasing after me. All I could think was “Shit! These must be their drums.” So I threw them into my van and booked it outta there.
OK, no, I didn’t. I stopped and listened to their story. Here is what I gathered.
They were very excited and one or both of them had a set of drums at home that may or may not have been broken and/or incomplete. They wanted to make me a deal BUT one of them kept telling me the drums were broken and the other one kept telling her “Shh! Don’t tell her that! Just get her to come to the house! *I* have some drums, and they’re not broken.” They continued to argue about the drums that they might have had.

They kept talking over one another and jockeying for who would sell me drums, so I took their number in case I wanted to call them later. I still haven’t called, but I do still have their number. I’ll probably just keep looking, but THEY were fascinating!

So, my next stop was Big Saver, and they had this drum and stand…


The Drum Wizard said it was a no go, though. He said those white heads don’t hold up and to pass. So, I passed. He saved me 12 bucks! I was going to buy that one until he said to wait.

So, we keep looking. In the meantime, the boy can get his room clean and ready to sling his hair around and drum like a rock star.

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  1. Sherry McNaughton

    Hey, we met you today at Nerf Club! My son is Aidan. We’ll see y’all next time, in the mean time, keep writing.


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