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Kulturecity’s Upcoming Halloween BASH! Don’t miss it!

If you live around Birmingham, here is an event that you aren’t going to want to miss this coming Halloween season!  Kulturecity’s Junior Board is hosting a costume party fundraiser called hero:KULTURE


Come out and come dressed as your favorite superhero! Nacho Libre!

Here is what you will need to know. First, if you aren’t familiar with Kulturecity, please, learn all you can! If you have a loved one with autism, do it for them! You will learn something valuable. If you have no loved one with autism, do it to enrich your life.
Check my tags for my personal experiences, go to their website Kulturecity.org, read their social media, follow them on facebook and twitter and just google it. In the meantime, here are the cliffs notes.

Kulturecity is a young non-profit based out of Vestavia Hills, Alabama. It is a little over one year old. They take the funds they raise and use them to reach directly out to families affected by autism and provide them with the necessary tools and therapies their children need for success. These tools and services are often expensive and not paid for through insurance. Did you know that a non-verbal autistic child can use iPad apps to be able to communicate? One of the goals of this organization is to put iPads in the hands of children with autism. My son is (very) verbal. They gave him one. He uses it to (take selfies…j/k) keep track of his appointments and necessary daily tasks. He has checklists on it for things he needs to remember but can’t, contact info for people, lists of meds, and so on. He has a form on it for special requests for jewelry he makes.

Another thing they do is place weighted therapy blankets in the hands of kids who need them. A therapy blanket is heavy and provides sensory stimulation that our kids need while they sleep. They are expensive. I made my son’s. The supplies alone cost $125. These blankets are very often out of reach for these kids.

Another thing they do, and this is not the last nor the least thing, but do a little research and don’t just take my word for it…they are brainstorming ideas to help get autism families out into the community not just for the sake of the families and the kids, but for the sake of the communities as well. Our kids have so much to give! We often keep our distance because of a lack of acceptance from others. There are families living with autism who have even been asked to find new churches and can’t even go to their chosen house of worship because other people were unable to accept having their child as a member.

Now, here is what you need to know about this event. It is on Friday, October 17 at Rosewood Hall at SoHo Square
2850 19th St South, Homewood, Alabama 35244

Come dressed as a superhero or heroine and come ready to party!
Tickets are $25 available in advance HERE and $30 at the door.  Dinner will be provided, there will be a cash bar available.  Music will be provided by Will and Sarah Mason, DJ Syndicate, celebrity DJ Full Service Party, and some surprise guests.  I LOVE surprise guests! The party will also include a best costume contest along with amazing prizes. There will be a cash bar and they will be serving several mixed drinks including a ZOMBIE-rita. I’ll have 13.

There will also be a raffle and to enter the costume contest, bring a new toy to donate as your contest admission.

If you decide to go through Amazon to buy your costume and supplies, you can further support KC by going through their Amazon Smiles link.  Amazon will donate a portion of all purchases bought through this link to Kulturecity. In fact, just use their link for your Amazon shopping for the upcoming holidays and, well, forever.
Amazon Smiles

If you own a business, there is even more you can do for this wonderful 501c3 Non-profit. You can give a fully tax-deductible sponsorship for this event. We need sponsors and there are perks that come with it.  By perks, I mean some great advertising, free tickets and free drinks!
There are three tiers of sponsorship $1000, $500, and $250. Each tier comes with its own set of perks, so please see what you will get for your sponsorship.


SUPERMAN ($1000)
•  Company name and logo recognition featured as SUPERMAN Sponsor on main HD screen.
• Company recognized by Host at event.
• Company recognized on all Kulturecity website and other social media.
•  Sponsor gift.
• 12 tickets to event
.• 12 drink bands

• Company name and logo recognition featured as WONDER WOMAN Sponsor on 3 tables.
• Sponsorship recognized on KultureCity website and other social media
• 6 tickets to event
• 6 drink bands

BATMAN ($250)
• Company name and logo recognition featured as BATMAN Sponsor on 1 table.
• Sponsorship recognized on KultureCity website and other social media.
• 2 tickets to event.
• 2 drink bands.

We would really appreciate your support! By committing a sponsorship, you will make a huge impact on a local, small non-profit and an even greater impact on the lives of kids and families living with autism every day, Thanks.