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Meet Dogbeard the Rescue Pug

I know I’ve been quiet for a few weeks, and it’s time now to show you all why. I’ve been really busy!


I’d like to introduce y’all to the newest member of our family: Dogbeard Cooper Mad Eye Moody Pugsley Surles the 23rd. He was found living in an alleyway garbage pile, emaciated and starving for affection, by Jeane, the founder of Birmingham Scrollworks , who promptly decided that his career in waste management was over. Jeane rescues strays in her neighborhood and has them vetted and rehomed. Dogbeard was special to me from the moment I saw him.


After spending over a week with the vet, it was determined that he is blind in one eye, has damage to the other eye, has some scarring that may indicate abuse, has a nasal condition called Stenotic Nares, and has a liver condition called Portosystemic Shunt, which can result in impaired cognitive function and even death. The liver shunt can also be partially managed with diet but for quality of life reasons, needs to be treated with a very expensive, but life changing, surgery. For this, we have decided to take him to a veterinary school but we will have to crowdfund the costs. Since I gave my heart to this little guy the minute I saw him, I’ve decided that I’m up to the challenge. He needs a family, ours, in fact.


Before he came to our home, I obsessively researched pug specific care, general dog care, hotels that allow dogs, various canine medical conditions and their special dietary restrictions, poisonous foods, hatmaking, and methods of training. I also spent this time making sure the boys understand my expectations in regards to him. I’m not sure they heard me over their excitement. Still, I know, the bulk of his care will be my responsibility, and that’s ok. Special needs are nothing new to me.

We don’t know how long he lived on the street. We do know that he’s young, that he was living in a trash pile, and that as soon as he was given a small kindness, he followed Jeane home, walked right past her motley crew, and tried to become her instant lap dog.

Currently, i have started crowdfunding his surgery while we work to get him healthy enough to withstand it. This is going to require a special diet, medication, lots of cuddles, and kisses on his little forehead. Please do not use this as an opportunity to go on about how he should be put down. Value is relevant, even for a trash pile dog, and the amount of people who have told me that I should have had Baby Cat (who has spent 15 years living like a king!) euthanized for his diabetes is mind boggling. It’s easy enough to manage.

Today is his one week doggiversary. In the past week, I’ve learned many things. He’s silly, funny, and clever. He loves to cuddle and eat sliced carrots. He has learned to pee outside, walks easily enough on a leash, and has determined that I’m the pack leader. I am, but don’t tell Mr. Incredible!  He’s a very opinionated little guy who doesn’t like to be very far from me. I really want to make his surgery happen. He deserves a chance to know what a great life is.


So say hello to Dogbeard! DB for short. Once we get him fattened up and healthy he will be embarking on an exciting new career! He will finally get to realize his lifelong dream of being a hat model.

if you would like to contribute to DB’s surgery costs, please DO! You can see it right here.  Every little bit helps!

It would also be a huge help to get shares! Every share has the potential to get us one step closer to  success!  So please help this sweet dog by sharing him everywhere!

I’ve also set up a Facebook page where I’ve been posting progress updates and random comments about dogrearing. Feel free to like it!

My regular Facebook page Is here, and I’ll be back to posting deals, recipes, and menus soon so you can follow me there as well if you want.

Thanks for helping me save this sweet little dog! He’s really a great pup and I can’t wait to see him transform with love and medical care.