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Mr. Wang’s Restaurant in Homewood, Alabama

Since posting this, we have been back to this place not once, but twice. See our update here.

My husband occasionally eats lunch in Homewood at a place called Mr. Wang’s.  He really loves the place. They have a lunch and dinner buffet and also takeout available. I went with him once, and it was very busy.  He says it is not uncommon for them to have a packed house at lunch.

We never took the boys because they don’t have pizza on the buffet but the eldest has been very interested in trying new things lately. Saturday afternoon, I felt like having some Chinese and I do like a buffet. I like trying bits of lots of things and, since I eat low-carb, a buffet is a pretty fair option for finding acceptable items. I pulled up the Mr. Wangs website at http://mrwangsbuffet.com/ and let him browse for a while.


When he saw their menu, he saw some old favorites on it, like General Tso’s chicken and decided that he would order off the menu if he didn’t care for the buffet offerings. The last few years have been kind of rough for him, trying to find a place to go out to. He loves restaurants but has become intolerant of crowds. This has ruled out most buffets. He used to love buffets enough to tolerate the crowds, but autism tends to evolve in some kids. We’ve just learned to be more adaptable, ourselves. He LOVES restaurants that have websites. He likes to look beforehand and get an idea about what he might want to eat there.

So we decided to go to Mr. Wangs, which is Mr. Incredible’s favorite Chinese buffet.

We picked a seat and ordered our drinks and went up to get our food. The drinks were at the table when we got back. I always get hot tea, unless I forget my splenda drops.  Here’s my plate:


In all the Chinese places I’ve been to, they have never brought me ice water to go with my tea. They’ve also never used a pretty pot. It’s always been a stainless steel pot. In fact, the last time I got tea, the place we were at just brought me a cup with hot water and a tea bag in it. I wish I was kidding. Instead, the server at Mr. Wangs brought me this.


They use Jasmine tea. It’s like drinking flowers. I love it so much. The boys each took a sip, though, and they were like “Gross. It’s like drinking flowers.” I, on the other hand, will order it forever.  The eldest said “I guess girls must LIKE drinking flowers…”

Everyone was eating and the boys were both trying new things (FANTASTIC!) and the eldest even said the curry chicken was one of the best things he has ever eaten. The hubs filled up his plate with his favorites, he’s not big on trying new things. I can’t remember a time when we went somewhere that I didn’t try something new. I always have little bits of this and that. The curry chicken was really good, the crab angels (I can’t believe they don’t call them Wangoons…) were good, the crispy green beans a tiny bit spicy, everything I took a bite of was good. The egg drop soup was some of the best I’ve had. I like that it was more than just eggs and broth. I always add a little soy sauce and usually dip my food in it.


One thing I liked about their buffet was that all of the hot dishes were clearly labeled and they even have a good selection of MSG free items, also clearly labeled.  They also have some vegan selections. The older boy specifically mentioned that he liked the fact that the server didn’t lurk about, staring at us while we ate. She kept a watchful eye on our drinks, and kept the plates cleared as well.

Mr. Wangs has a bar, you can order beer, wine and mixed drinks. Those drinks are not included with the buffet pricing, of course.

For their dessert selections, they have pudding and jello and fruit and ice cream and fried donuts but I didn’t eat dessert, so I didn’t look as closely as I should have.  For years, the oldest has gone up and made his brother an ice cream, which is sometimes weird, sometimes crazy. We have seen them with brownies, donuts, cookies, gummy bears, etc mixed in. This time, he used a fried cinnamon donut, twist ice cream, and then he put sugar sprinkles on top. I’m just glad I don’t feed them that way at home.


We had a very good experience there. The time of day we picked wasn’t very busy, and there wasn’t any noise and it wasn’t crowded. Everyone dubbed it their “New favorite place” except for the husband, it was already his.


We will definitely go back. I just hope they always bring my tea in a pretty pot.

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