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Low Carb on the Road: Fast Food at Hardee’s and Captain D’s

Thursday morning, I left out early with my youngest on a short day trip. Ok, maybe it wasn’t so short. I don’t have a strong concept of time, so my day trips usually turn into “all day” trips. Anyway, we hopped in the van and headed east, towards the Land of Lotto.

See, Mr. Incredible has taken to giving me scratch tickets for Christmas (which I LOVE), so every now and then, we go exchange the winners for more tickets. It’s a fun drive, it gets us out of the house, there are some cool thrift stores between here and there, and we stop at a Kroger. There is no Kroger in Birmingham, and they have a really nice selection of LC dairy products. The whole trip is a win.

When we are on these trips, sometimes we stop for food. I usually get him something, because he’s in that phase where he is constantly starving, but I wanted something this time. So, I stopped at Hardee’s.

Hardees will make you a burger and low carb it. Really, “Low Carb” is on the menu. Where most places will make you a burger and leave the bun off and hand you a fork, Hardee’s goes the extra mile with theirs. They wrap it in a bunch of extra lettuce leaves, then they wrap paper that doesn’t dissolve onto your food around it, so you can actually pick it up and eat it without a bun and without making a mess of your fingers.

This is a pic of mine:


I love a good double cheeseburger. This is the monster burger. It’s got 3 slices of cheese, 2 layers of bacon, mayo, and two patties. It’s so big, I couldn’t even fit my mouth around it. It costs around 7 bucks but I wasn’t hungry all day after that. I do eat slowly, and I ate on it all the way to Carrolton.

On on our way home, he was kind of hungry (again) ┬áso we popped into Captain D’s and grabbed two shrimp skewers. Captain D’s has steamed broccoli on their menu and also green beans (steer clear of fast food coleslaw, most have sugar) but their grilled menu is where they really shine. They have a couple of types of grilled fish, but they also have shrimp skewers. For 2.29, you get six seasoned shrimp on a stick and they usually do a great job of not overcooking the shrimp till they are rubbery. This day was no exception. The shrimp were great! I snagged one. These make a good snack and decent enough road food.


Eating on the go is sometimes necessary for some of us. Just remember that most places have options, you just have to study the menu. These two are some of my very favorites, and maybe they will be yours, too.