Random Thoughts on Mr. Wang’s

We have gone back to Mr. Wang’s in Homewood, AL twice since my first post about them. The second time, we sat in the same spot as we did the first time and our girl goes “So, is Saturday going to be y’all’s day?” Which I thought was actually cute because, yeah, Saturday is probably going to be our day.

This past weekend, we went in and she called from the back “Hi! Go ahead and take your table!” and since the same table was empty, we took it. I really haven’t experienced that kind of atmosphere in a restaurant since we moved here from Arkansas, where we had a place we went and the manager would sometimes come to our table and sit and visit while we ate our dinner.

Everyone got their food and we sat down. This time, they had those little thread noodles on the bar, and I really, really love those. They had just a little curry powder in them, enough to make them flavored but not spicy. I got the youngest to eat some, and he said they’re one of his new favorite things. I ate a few, even if they are carb.
Sorry, no pics this time, I’m a slacker.

At one point during our meal, Superman was talking about his jaw teeth hurting and I told him it is probably time to have his wisdom teeth removed. They mentioned it at the Sparks dental clinic several months ago. He started to immediately panic. In a little bit, our girl walked over and asked him why he was upset and he told her. She calmly explained the procedure to him and reassured him that he will feel no pain when it is done and that she had hers removed and it wasn’t so bad. By the time she was finished, he was no longer worried about it and maybe even looking forward to it hahaha

A Jedi, she is.

One of the things about this place, they are not afraid to make fun of you and they can take it if you make fun back. So if you go, take your sense of humor.

You should check out their website at MrWangsBuffet and see their menu. They have some of their recipes posted and also some jokes that require a disclaimer. You’ve been warned!

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