Special Needs Dentist in Birmingham

One thing that was hard for us when we moved here was finding a dentist. We tried a few places and each one would act like Superman was much younger than he was. They would have ceiling TVs that played preschool shows and such, and so we kept looking because he was 10-12 ish and would always leave unhappy.

And really…when did it become standard for children to always have to have a screen? TV everywhere, even in cars…smart phones, tablets, and so on. When are kids allowed to just dream? That’s another post. This is about dental care.

UAB has a clinic called the Sparks clinic. It is a division of Civitan International. They offer a wide array of services there, from the PEERS program for social skills training for Autie kids to a clinic that does diagnosis (it’s got a really long waiting list, so if you suspect, get on the list asap), to a special needs dentist. We were really happy when we found the dental clinic. It’s also not uncommon to see flyers about there that are for studies that our kids might be able to participate in. There is also a room in the front office that has racks all over the wall that are filled with flyers and booklets regarding area services.

The dental clinic is small. I think it seats two patients. It is staffed by dental students from the school, and overseen by a doctor who may, at times, come out and chat with you. Teeth cleanings are only $45! They also accept Medicaid and insurances, but 45 bucks is awesome! It totally keeps tooth cleaning affordable for our loved ones as they age if they do not have dental coverage.

The clinic is able to accommodate a variety of disabilities.
They also have a clinic there called “The Adult Down Syndrome Clinic” but since we don’t have Down Syndrome, you would have to call them to find out what services they offer.

So far, we do really like their dental. Everyone does a great job, so if you’re looking for a dentist for your special needs person, give them a call. I have listed the website below.

UAB Civitan-Sparks

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