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The Good News is: Coupons! Adding to WordPress for Beginners

Just a quick update: One of the visions I have for this site is to have printable coupons. I love coupons and while we eat a pretty healthy diet (all except for Superman, but that’s another post), there are still quite a few things we use that I can buy using a cents-off coupon. Therefore, getting myself established as a coupon ambassador has become a priority.

I applied to a few weeks back to see if I could use their brand on this site. The entire website thing is a learning experience for all of us, and this is no exception. I have some rudimentary HTML experience from being a member of an eBay chat board from way back, and from coding my own auctions, but that is it. WordPress is new to me and so is this strange and mysterious thing they call CSS. approved my application and sent me some Javascript to add to my site. This was great, except they didn’t tell me anything else, like HOW to add it or WHERE to add it. Instinctively, I went into my Pages and made a page for it. Then I inserted the code. I ended up with some gobbledygook and no coupopns. Of course, I took to Google.

After looking at a couple of sites, I determined that I needed to add <html> <body>then add my Javascript </body> </html> and voila! I had a coupon page on my site. Except…it wasn’t. It was only a half page, and it looked like this:


As you guys can see, I couldn’t even get to half the coupons. Again, I took to Google to find the answers to this problem. This time, it took me about three hours before I finally became frustrated enough to call GoDaddy support. Guess what support said? GOOGLE YOUTUBE VIDEOS and “Since you’re using WordPress, I can’t help you”.

I went to a facebook page that is about WordPress and explained the issue there. Meanwhile, I kept trying to find the answer to my question. I opened up a chat window with support, they said “Contact and ask them”.

I kept Googling, and by now, I had sent an entirely whiny, complainy message to a friend, who said “Go ask Jen”. I asked Jen. She said “Put it in a table, and then do these other things.” So, I did. That fixed the issue with being unable to see half the coupons, but in order to see the other half, I had to side scroll. At the same time she was helping me, I received an answer to my question in the wordpress group. He said to go into my CSS and do some mysterious things. That was the first time I had ever heard of CSS.

Cue another round of Googling, video watching, and using code generator sites. This got me nowhere.

I called support again. This time, I had a rep who didn’t just cut me off and tell me that she couldn’t help. She was quite helpful and at least helped me find some things within my cPanel that I needed.

Around 10:30 PM, I finally quit with my issue unresolved. That was Sunday.

On Monday, I texted this picture of my site code to Mr. Incredible, who doesn’t know anything about websites…as you can see, he took the news like a champ!


By Tuesday, after spending maybe 15 hours trying to figure out how to align my page left and trying to learn CSS (there are TONS of sites out there for this, but they all seem to pick up somewhere after the actual beginning learner phase, and leave out something very basic that they all assume that a user already knows…) I went to to ask for help. Thursday, my friend told me she was trying to print a coupon from my page and it was still messed up, when I told her that I was on the cusp of giving up, she goes “Try changing your theme. Maybe it doesn’t fit your theme.”

We were at the clinic, so it had to wait till we got home and everyone was fed and all those Life kinds of things…I did a backup since I learned the first time I tried to change themes that backing up is necessary in case you erase everything, then I went into my themes and changed from Twenty Fourteen to Twenty Twelve.

After ALL that time, the coupon page righted itself and went straight into the page, perfectly aligned.

It really was that simple.

So, the reason I’ve written up this entry is just in case there is someone out there who wants to do the same thing and keeps coming up empty handed. Adding to a wordpress self-hosted website can be as easy as just changing your theme without having to take a crash course in CSS if you’re unfamiliar, digging around in your cPanel, and trying to figure out what that missing link is that the beginner sites don’t include.

Hopefully, when your tech support person tells you to Google it, you’ll find this page.