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Boo at the Zoo with Kulturecity

I am very far behind in my blogging and this is an event we attended back in October.
This past October, Kulturecity partnered up with the Birmingham Zoo to host an event for special needs families at Boo at the Zoo. We had never been to a night time zoo event, so the boys and I got some tickets and went. The event was free and had lights and Halloween decor, games and a section for trick or treating.


Having never been to a Boo event, we were unaware that we could dress up for this, so we didn’t. We may still not even if we go again, because Superman doesn’t dress up. In fact, he has boycotted Halloween ever since he was nine. That’s another story, but suffice it for me to say, he put on his earmuffs and went down there because he thinks Julian of KC is a cool guy. It makes me wonder if I can start saying things like “If you don’t carry out the garbage, Julian will be sad” and “Julian wants you to wash my van.”

I think I could be on to something.

We arrived at the zoo together with a host of other families with their special needs kids. It was lit up and ghostly and even though the line was long, we got in very quickly.


When we got in, We picked what we wanted to do first, which turned out to be the haunted train ride. We headed down to the train and stopped to admire the swans at night.


They were running two trains, so again, the line was short and sweet!

Our very cheerful, but blurry, conductor:


After we rode the train, we went through the trick or treating. We didn’t know what to expect, so we didn’t bring bags. We didn’t know there would be trick or treating, or trains, or lights everywhere, or ANYTHING.
One booth had two full size kit kats. Guess who snagged one?


There was a cute show with Minions and some wildlife, so we sat in and watched it. It was fun.


When we were finished there, there were sensory tables set up. Both boys said that was their favorite bit. Well, that and candy…these ladies were so nice.


The thing that surprised me the most was that Superman actually got on the carousel with me and his brother. He doesn’t care to ride rides, but he got in a seat with us and we all rode together.

All in all, it was a great night! There really is something to be said about spending your time with a group of families who all know your struggles through virtue of their own. 2014 was a year of miracles as far as I’m concerned, and we owe credit for several of those to Kulturecity. Remember and check them out if you haven’t at